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    Occupancy Cost Services  
Occupancy costs represent a significant and expanding expense for businesses each year. As companies typically focus on investment holdings in order to reduce exposure, they are unable to devote the time to scrutinize their complicated lease agreements.

Today’s lease contracts contain a range of complex language that can result in inaccurate billings and overcharges. Consequently, these overcharges are lost profits.

Our Solution
Our occupancy cost audit will review every facet of every lease to determine potential billing errors. We employ a comprehensive and thorough approach that provides for optimal results.

• Insurance
• Repairs and Maintenance
• Property tax • Construction Costs
• CAM • Utilities
• Minimum Rent • Subtenant Billings
• Percentage Rent • Pro Rata Share
• Tenant Improvements • Credit Reversals
• CPI • Other Occupancy Costs

CAP’s proven expertise and superior scope of service sets us apart. Our audit program is wide-ranging and methodical, ensuring an accurate audit. Our auditors have a thorough understanding of real estate and accounting, so a careful step-by-step review is implemented. Each day throughout the US, our real estate team assists large and medium-sized clients become more profitable.

• Experts in a broad range of retail and commercial industries
• Have established relationships with many of largest US property-owners
• Understand and respect client – property-owner relationship
• Sensitive to confidentiality of legal documents
• Staff has an average of 25 years experience in real estate industry
• Our team is dedicated solely to occupancy and construction audits