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    Logistics Services  
Managing expenses is an ongoing challenge in today’s environment. As logistics costs are essential in moving your business forward, shipping product in a timely and cost effective manner can be critical to the bottom line.

The business of shipping and transportation contain a range of complex factors. When companies grow, these factors need to be continually monitored for cost control, flexibility and obsolescence. A system that is not accurately reviewed will result in excessive shipping expenditures, logistical inefficiencies and consequently lost profits.


Each transportation program is designed to meet the specific logistics needs of each client. Our team will examine every component of your logistics services using a comprehensive benchmarking approach that utilizes CAP’s national provider database. This approach improves contract costs while maintaining service capabilities.

We have over 30 years experience with the major transportation companies. We employ continuing education and training with the major “Logistics and Supply Chain Management Programs.” Our team has a thorough understanding of supply chain management and is dedicated solely to the cost optimization in the transportation area.

• We have improved the bottom-line for every client that has employed our services.
• We have established relationships with carriers, freight forwarders and warehouse providers.
• Our logistics program is wide-ranging and methodical, ensuring a comprehensive view of your logistics needs.