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    Disbursement Audits  
At a Glance
Even with extensive controls and sophisticated accounting software, disbursement errors are the most common cause of profit leaks in companies today. Accounts payable departments are transaction intensive environments, and employees working under time and cost constraints are likely to make mistakes. The typical company processing payable transactions conducts business at a .1% error rate. While this rate is small, the sheer volume of invoices handled on a daily basis can translate into a large profit loss for a company. An error rate of one-tenth of one percent is equal to one thousand dollars in lost revenue for every one million dollars processed through your accounts payable system.

at a glance

What We Do
We specialize in business transaction assurance and cost containment. Our staff conducts a comprehensive compliance audit of your accounts payable, purchasing, supply chain and cash disbursement transactions. Our approach is to identify isolated discrepancies, inherent weaknesses and other systemic errors that affect your bottom line. Some of the areas we review include: Duplicate payments, Unit price variances, Overpayments, Discounts & allowances, Purchase contract compliance, Sales and use tax, Outstanding credits, Co-op advertising, Drop-shipments, Price protections, Rebates, and Vendor returns.

Why Choose Us

Our organization has a veteran team that has started in the industry in 1985. We have accumulated and shared with clients a knowledge-base of best practice recommendations and created best-in-class proprietary audit tools that are unsurpassed in the industry today. As an outsourcing partner to your organization, we conduct these services professionally, economically and autonomously, with no interruption to your regular business activities. CAP’s review frees up your staff to concentrate on more issues such as running your company. We perform this service entirely on a contingency basis.