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  Case History # 1 - High Tech Mfg.
Type of audit: Distribution Supply Chain. Contracted to perform an audit of client’s distribution transactions every six months.
Length of audit: Three months.
Client Concerns: New system had glitches. Concern included shipments not invoiced, frequency of price protections offered to distributors and returned product.
Results of audit: Recovered over $500,000 for client. CAP did confirm problem in area of RMA’s and price protections. Recommended strategies to reduce the number of price protections issued and policies to ensure handling of RMA’s from the distributor. Validated billing system was working properly.
Results of subsequent six-month audit: Prior recommendations improved transaction integrity, resulting in reduced findings. Recovered just over $100,000. Client is expanding scope to include Europe and Asia.

Case History # 2 - Global 100 Company
Type of audit:
Disbursements and Sales & Use Tax Recovery Audit.
Length of audit: Five months.
Client Concerns: Consolidation of 5 business units over the prior five years. New accounting system. No previous audit performed for company.
Results of audit: Recovered over $700,000 / $300,000 in sales and use tax overpayments. Identified economies of scale for client. Gave sales & use tax exemption seminar to accounting staff. Recommended strategies to look into contract pricing more closely. Client would audit performed on a yearly basis with expanded scope.

Case History # 3 - Major Service Company
Type of audit:
Telecommunications and Courier Services Audit.
Length of audit: Six months.
Client Concerns: Process in both areas out-of-control, although the client had an audit 2 years prior in the courier area. Spending 3M a month with a variety of telecom vendors throughout the country and 2M a year in courier expenses.
Results of audit: Identified and recovered over $600,000 in prior overcharges, erroneous tax and contract issues in the telecom area. Identified and recovered over $1,000,000 through a consolidation of vendors and internal efficiency for their courier expenses. Additionally, assisted the client in future cost reduction by 40%.
Looking forward: Client has asked CAP to manage telecom spend going forward.